scoot | Issue 49 • June 2019

96 SCOOT THE SCOOT SCOOP YOUR SAFETY & COMFORT SAFETY FIRST. NOCOMPROMISE Your safety is our number-one priority, but you have a part to play too. The cabin crew’s safety briefing and the safety information card in your seat pocket provide crucial details in the unlikely event of an emergency. Always pay attention to these details on each flight you take because information can vary, such as the location of emergency exits and equipment. If in doubt about anything safety-related, ask. Our crew are specially trained to ensure your safety at all times. Regardless of the situation, safety must never be compromised, so follow the crew’s safety instructions at all times. It is an offence to refuse to obey any lawful command of the captain or cabin crew. PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES Youmay use your lightweight portable electronic devices (“Flight Safe”modeon A320 /”Transmitting” modeonB787) unless advisedby crew. Personal headphones or earphonesmust be unplugged andnot inusewhen the aircraft is taxiing, taking off and landing. Laptopsmay not beusedandmust beproperly stowedwhen the aircraft is taking off, landing andon the ground. If you’reboarding or disembarking the aircraft on the tarmac, youmust switchoff your devices. At any point of the flight, the captainor cabin crew may advise you to turnoff your devices. CABINCLEANLINESS Please do not place rubbish or other discarded items in your seat pocket or on the floor. Trash bins and napkins are located in the lavatories. Unless you have strict dietary requirements not catered for on board our flights, please refrain frombringing outside food and beverages into the aircraft. We have a delicious array of meals and snacks onoffer, including tempting vegetarian andhalal options. STAYHYDRATED Low humidity in the cabin can cause your body to dehydrate. Drink lots of non-alcoholic beverages during your flight and applymoisturiser liberally to combat dryness. Consume alcohol in moderation while on board as high altitude intensifies its effects. The consumption of any alcoholic beverage not purchased from the inflight menu is not permitted. DON’T SMOKE Scoot enforces a strict no-smoking policy on all its flights, which also prohibits the use of e-cigarettes. Please refrain from lighting up in the lavatories, as doing so could endanger the safety of your fellow guests or disrupt the flight. SCOOT SECURITY POLICY Scoot reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers who are inappropriate on board or on the ground with their comments or behaviour. Visit formore information KEEPMOVING Maintaining good blood circulation andmuscle relaxation goes a long way towards avoiding Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a painful condition that arises when a clot obstructs blood flow in a vein. Though it’s a rare occurrence, don’t take any chances, especially during long flights. During your flight, move your legs and feet for a few minutes every hour. Stand up and stretch your arms and chest. CABINPRESSURE Changes in cabin pressure during the flight may cause discomfort in the ears. Relieve ear pain by swallowing hard, holding your nose and gently breathing out with your mouth closed. If travelling with toddlers or infants, give them a sweet or feed them a snack when cabin pressure rises, particularly during take-off.