scoot | Issue 49 • June 2019

86 SCOOT Got Scootitude? Be different and join us at Scoot! Melbourne, Australia I enjoy the laid-back vibes in Australia, where the pace of life is not as hectic as in Singapore. If I had to pick a favourite spot in the Land Down Under, it would be Queen Victoria Market, because the place sells everything from fresh produce to speciality products and all sorts of knickknacks. It’s especially therapeutic to take a stroll along the market alleys and look around for unusual items. There’s also a food truck that sells piping-hot churros, and they are the best I’ve ever tasted! Bali, Indonesia If I had to choose between the bustle of the city life or the carefree beach life, I would pick the latter, hands down. It is just amazing to be able to lie on the sandy beach with an ice-cold drink in my hand. Bali is also an excellent place for diving. If you’re lucky, you will be able to swim next to Ocean Sunfishes – they can grow to the size of a rhinoceros, which makes for a truly a magical experience! Bali, Indonesia Melbourne, Australia Seoul, South Korea Being a diehard fan of Korean food and culture, Korea is at the top of my list! My favourite food is Korean barbecue, and I never fail to order the Jeju black pork at restaurants. Apart from food, Seoul is a shopping haven, especially for those who want to get the latest beauty products. To get the full Korean experience, I would recommend renting a hanbok (traditional Korean dress) when visiting the palaces and traditional villages. You will feel like you have been brought back into the past! ALLISON’S TOP 3 SCOOTDESTINATIONS