scoot | Issue 49 • June 2019

74 SCOOT GLOBAL GRUB WORDS RAEWYN KOH PHOTOGRAPHY 123RF, DREAMSTIME These six bread-meat-bread unions from the Scoot network are the sandwiches you need to satisfy appetites big and small WAGYUKATSUSANDO The Wagyu katsu sando is not only an Instagram sensation but also the most decadent sandwich on our list. A5 grade Wagyu beef is lightly battered in panko crumbs and fried just enough to create a crunchy outer shell, while the steak retains medium-rare to allow for the tender fattiness to be fully savoured. The katsu (cutlet) steak is then sandwiched between two slices of white bread that’s been smeared with sweet Wagyumafia the Cutlet Sandwich 1-26-1 Kamimeguro, Meguro 153-0051, Tokyo JAPAN LET’S GET THIS BREAD and tangy katsu sauce. The sandwich on its own is already quite the experience, but can be elevated further with just the tiniest sprinkle of truffle salt to enhance the umami of the beef.