scoot | Issue 49 • June 2019

68 SCOOT WORDS MELISSA LORRAINE CHUA PHOTOGRAPHY CHRISTY STEVENS PACKING HEAT Essential paintball safety gear you should never be without. Goggles and face mask Never leave your eyes or face exposed during a paintball game. Long-sleeved shirts, pants, and covered toe shoes Try to cover up as much skin as possible to prevent painful welt when hit. Chest protection and padding Direct paintball impacts hurt! Minimise bruising by layering with proper protection. CANYONPAINTBALL Kuala Lumpur Paintball is notorious for leaving nasty welts – so thank goodness there’s now Low Impact Paintball! Canyon Paintball is the first in Asia to offer Low Impact Paintball, making it the perfect bonding activity for kids and newbies. Rates: 70 Ringgit per pax for two hours, maximum of ten pax per game SNIPERSDEN Melbourne With seven acres of pro-level playing fields, tournament standard gear, and professionally trained referees (they boast a zero injury rate since opening), players of all skill levels can enjoy a truly premium paintball experience at Snipers Den. The best part? It won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Rates: AUD 20 deposit per person, AUD 15 for 100 paintballs; AUD 80 Weekday Special (Monday to Friday) GOPAINTBALL ADVENTUREPARK Berlin Open since 1995, this massive paintball adventure park has something for everyone, whether you’re a paintball enthusiast or an expert sniper. There are 11 playing fields for maximum variety, including the ever-popular Wild West-themed Cayenne 1869. Rates: Beginner package starts from 45 Euro per match 01 02 03 Charge! It’s a fight to the finish at these paintball battlegrounds across Scoot’s network IT’S A WAR ZONE